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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Directorate of AH & Veterinary

National Livestock Mission (NLM)

The development of the livestock sector in the state has been impelled with the introduction of the National Livestock Mission (NLM) in the FY year 2014-15. The National Livestock Mission (NLM) has been formulated by subsuming and modifying of Seven (7) Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Seven (7) Central Schemes. NLM was launched in Assam in 2014-15 with the constitution of the State Level Sanctioning & Monitoring Committee (SLMC) with the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam as Chairperson and Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, A.H. & Veterinary as Member Secretary and Mission Director. The District Livestock Mission Committees (DLMC) were also notified to be constituted with the Deputy Commissioner as Chairman and District Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Officer of respective districts as Member Secretary.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes now under NLM

  1. Central Fodder Development Organisation
  2. Central sheep Breeding Farm
  3. Central poultry Development Organisation
  4. Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits
  5. Piggery Development
  6. Poultry Venture Capital Fund
  7. Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves

Central Schemes now under NLM

  1. Centrally Sponsored Fodder and Feed Development Scheme
  2. Conservation of Threatened Breeds of Livestock
  3. Poultry Development
  4. Utilisation of Fallen Animals
  5. Livestock Insurance
  6. Establishment
  7. Modernisation of Rural Slaughterhouses, including mobile slaughter plants

Funds and Budget

The 1st State Level Executive Committee (SLEC) meeting was held on 24th September, 2014 under the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam cum Chairman, SLEC, NLM and proposals submitted from the A.H. & Veterinary amounting to Rs 1787.245 lakh (Rs 1377.77 lakh: Rs 259.82: Rs 149.65 lakh: as Central share: State share: Beneficiary share). The first instalment amounting Rs 452.38 lakh was released from Govt. of India for 2014-15 in 2015. Click here for Break-up of fund.

Financial Pattern for Livestock Development

The Financial Pattern for livestock development activities under NLM as per Operational Guideline of NLM are:

  1. Livestock Insurance: 55% CS: 22.50% SS: 22.50% BS
  2. Pig Development in NER: 90% CS: 10% SS
  3. Skill Development, Technology: 75% CS: 25% SS

Mission Directorate after Issue of Revalidated Sanction for Central Share and State Share under NLM

S. N.ComponantTotal
(Rs in Lakh)
(Rs in Lakh)
(Rs in Lakh)
(Rs in Lakh)
1Risk Management
aLivestock Insurance 20081.6381.40To be executed by ALDA. Benificiary Listed. NIT Advt floated on 2.11.15
2Pig Development in NER
aStrengthening of State Pig Farms (Base Pig Breeding Farms)95.5686.0049.5560 Process undertaken for NIT floating etc as per NLM
bStrengthening of State Pig Farms (Mu;tiplication Pig Breeding Farms)135.50121.9513.55 
3Skill Development, Technology Transfer and Extension
aIEC (Information, Extension and Communication) support for Livestock Support    
iPrinting, IEC Material etc58.9844.2414.74 

Whom to Contact

Dr. Arun Sharma
Nodal Officer
Officers Training Institute
GS Road, Khanapara 22
Phone No.: 9435116593